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UV Protection Security Privacy Children

There are multiple benefits for having your car windows tinted , that extend beyond the visual appeal and aesthetics. But it does help that it also makes your car look fantastic. 😃😃😃

Only a high-quality tint film is used with a professional finish by our specially trained staff and a lifetime guarantee. Tints can be used not only to make your car look sleek but to also cut down sun UVS by 99% protecting children and animals from being burnt, prevents smash and grab situations as the tint holds the glass in place, reduces the glare and driver fatigue and finally increase your privacy.

UV Protection
Using our film will block up to 99% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. This will keep you cool and protected from the dangers of UV light. This, together with the heat reduction will help reduce the fading of your interior. It prolongs the life of all the rubber, wood, vinyl and leather inside your vehicle. It also helps to protect your dashboard, mobile, audio equipment and speakers.
Provide not only a visible layer of protection to prevent easy intrusion through smashed windows and reducing visibility into the vehicle. This film substantially reduces the risks of serious injury from flying glass fragments in the event of the glass shattering during a side impact accident.
When valuables have to be kept on the rear of the seats or cargo area of a vehicle, privacy tints help to prevent them from being easily spotted by prying eyes. Providing excellent protection from the dangers of carjackers who often smash their way through a side window in order to steal valuables from the occupants and/or the car itself. Providing real peace of mind.
Kids & Pets
Children & pets are safest when seated in at the back of a vehicle and now you can keep them cooler and better protected from UV rays whilst in the rear passenger's area. This will help avoid irritation and fatigue from UV light, whilst also providing protection.
The need for protection against the potentially harmful effects of Ultra Violet rays from the sun has never been greater, especially when driving for long distances in bright conditions. Reduce the overall cabin temperature by reflecting heat away from the interior and thereby increasing comfort and driving.
It really does improve the look of the vehicle!


You can tint all the window's on the front, and rear of the vehicle. Including the vent glass.  

It is illegal to have any tint that allows less than 70% of light through on the front windows. this is your responsibility not SCT's if you choose to have this tinted.  You can have any tint level on the rear windows. 

Yes. As long as the wipers do not touch the strip it is perfectly okay. 

We do not do car light(s) tinting.