Discover our popular tint levels below and gauge their opacity

SCT’s window films are engineered to enhance your vehicle’s appearance, provide the performance you demand and protect your investment. The use of Solar Control Films is a very quick, cost-effective and easy way to add style and security to your car. It will reduce heat and glare, block up to 99% of harmful UV rays protecting everyone in the car and practically eliminating the fading of your interior.



Ultra allows 50 % of light to pass through

light smoke

Light Smoke

Light Smoke allows 35 % of light to pass through

Dark Smoke

Dark Smoke

Dark Smoke allows 20 % of light to pass through



Limo allows 5 % of light to pass through



We can also offer custom tint's including mirror as well as other opacities. Please enquire with the team.

If you are unsure at this moment in time, you can also come to our workshop in Stevenage to view examples and discuss your options through with the team.